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Which company can benefit?

Manufacturers or engineering companies that meet the following requirements:

  • Proven fiscal good standing,
  • Physical structure which enables assemble or manufacture the item to be promoted by FINAME,
  • Establishment in Brazil,
  • Permit naming the current industrial activity,
  • Prove that it can reach the minimum national structure indexes of the product.

How can we help?

The process is done in 3 steps:

The first step, when we identify your company’s equipment, components or systems with an opportunity to use “FINAME” to report and discuss these opportunities with you and decide the outcome of the process.

The second step, in which the request for registration will be prepared by our technical team, formed mainly by engineers, thus ensuring quality in technical descriptions and obtaining the accreditation index of the items contained in the request.

The last step, only executed for “FINAME caso a caso”. Our consultancy is committed to updating the specific technical and financial documentation for the preparation of the application and filling in the information on the registration site necessary for the submission process with the competent bodies.

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satisfied clients




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