Rota 2030

The Law nº13.755 aimed at promoting the strengthening of the automotive sector in Brazil, was sanctioned in December 2018 and became known as “Rota 2030”.

The program presents itself as an alternative to the extinct “Inovar Auto” program, which provided a significant reduction in the IPI tax on vehicle sales. “Rota 2030” follows a similar strategic line to “Inovar Auto”, however, the main scope is to encourage R&D projects throughout the entire automotive chain.

Thus, the program was extended to the sectors of auto parts and strategic systems for production of vehicles, not restricted to automotive manufacturers.

The program aims to support technological development, competitiveness, innovation, vehicle safety, environmental protection, energy efficiency and the quality of cars, trucks, buses, chassis with engines and auto parts.

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What are the advantages?

  • Reduction of IPI rates by up to 2% for vehicles that fulfil more than the minimum requirements requested by the program:
    • May have the benefit extended to hybrid vehicles equipped with an engine that uses, alternatively or simultaneously, gasoline and alcohol.
    • Exclusive benefit for car manufacturers.
  • Import tax exemption for products with no equivalent domestic production or capacity (regime for non-produced auto parts).
  • Reduction from 10,2% to 12,5% of the amount spent on R&D in IRPJ and CSLL.

Which company can benefit?

  • Companies that produce vehicles classified with TIPI codes 87.01 to 87.06 (tractors, buses, trucks, pickup trucks, crane trucks, concrete trucks, chassis, vehicles…)
  • Companies that produce auto parts or strategic systems,
  • Companies that have approved technological development and production projects for the domestic production of new products or existing models, or that offer new strategic solutions for logistical mobility.

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