Intangible asset

According to the technical pronouncement, CPC 04, to be able to activate the process in the intangible, a company must prove that it fulfils the following requirements:

Definition requirements

  • Not having physical substance
  • Non-monetary
  • Being identifiable

Recognition requirements:

  • Future benefits generation
  • Value measured with trust

Thus, an asset that fulfils the above requirements can be accounted for on the balance sheet.

As for intangible assets generated internally through innovation projects, it’s mandatory that, in addition to the aforementioned requirements, the company must isolate the project in the research and/or development phase and create documentation that proves the technical feasibility of the project and the tracking of information.

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Intangible asset

What are the advantages?

  • Improve the company’s equity structure,
  • Exclusion of gross revenue, part originating from the sale of intangible assets, for PIS and COFINS calculation purposes (Law 9.718/1998, included by the Law 13.043/2014),
  • Growth of the company’s market value,
  • Increase in the value of EBITDA,
  • More options to offer as judicial guarantees. (Art. 655, CPC),
  • Increase in the company’s operating result,
  • Total write-off of amounts in the calculation period in which they are incurred. (Decree 9580/2018),
  • Reinforcing the image of an innovative company,
  • Pricing capacity for intangible assets,
  • Possibility of adding new value generation models for company shareholders and stakeholders.

Required documentation

The following documentation must be submitted by projects:

  • Business plan,
  • General ledger of specific accounts,
  • Technical dossier with project progress information,
  • Trial balance.

How can we help?

FI Group guarantees its customers full compliance with the processes defined in CPC04, with the aim of increasing the value of your company, through development activities. Our work methodology is divided into 3 steps:

In this first step, we analyse the projects to check the fulfilment of requirements defined by the legislation in order to be accounted for in the company’s intangible assets.

In the second step, we proceed with the preparation of the business plan, a necessary requirement for the benefit of the incentive. Our consultancy, due to its non-intrusive management, prepares this document, based on the necessary technical, administrative, and financial information. To obtain project details, we also organize meetings with previously defined interlocutors in your company.

In the last step, we collect, in each calculation period, the technical, administrative, and financial information necessary to evidence the amounts realized. We also assist in the detailed technical description of the project to update the progress status, including possible irregularities that occurred during development.

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