FI Group is launching a new digital space that integrates several applications into one platform. Benefiting our clients by providing greater transparency and showcasing the digital transformation FI Group is currently undergoing that will boost productivity. Moving forward it is vital that the people around us adapt and utilise new digital assets to reach the maximum potential and deliver new and exciting innovative ideas.

What is FI Connect?

FI Connect is a HUB of digital applications created by FI Group seeking to transform, automate, and optimise the relationship we have with our clients. These several applications allow FI Group to offer a more structured consulting support system, making our clients life’s easier letting them to focus on their R&D projects by providing greater communication and efficiency when we deliver their R&D claims.

These applications include:

  • Extranet: Shows the progress and management status of each service for each client, and provides useful and transparent information to the client (it replaces the USBNGEN delivery tool);
  • Document Management: Tool for sharing documentation securely with clients, such as timesheets, salary information and other private R&D project related information. Compliant with GDPR;
  • Time Tracking: tool for allocating hours within projects, manager checks, and alerts on pending tasks;
  • Grants Searcher: Global grants search engine for external grants, with calls/notifications for proposals in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Germany, France, European Union, and Brazil.

Who can benefit?

Our new platform shows the value add that FI Group brings, and how we are looking to rejuvenate the consulting procedure, cementing our position as one of the most innovative consulting firms in the market.

FI Connect will be used simultaneously by:

  • Clients
  • FI Group consultants
  • Internal users

Guaranteeing a high-quality service delivered through client-consultant transparency.

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