The Ex-Tarifário Regime consists of a temporary reduction in the import tax rate up to 0% for capital goods (BK) and information technology and telecommunications goods (BIT), when there is no equivalent domestic production.

It makes possible to increase innovation in different segments of the economy by incorporating new technologies, which do not exist in Brazil, in company processes, resulting in productivity gains, improved services and greater competitiveness. In addition, it has a multiplier effect on employment and income on the domestic market.

Which company can benefit?

Any kind of company that imports goods without equivalent domestic production.

What are the advantages?

  • Direct reduction of import tax,
  • Indirect reduction of other taxes due to the import process (ICMS and IPI),
  • Positive effect on the company’s EBITDA.

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The process execution is divided into the following steps:

  • Preliminary technical analysis of the item object of the claim,
  • Preparation of a pre-analysis there is no equivalent domestic production,
  • Check of the NCM according to specifications, analyzing the framework in relation to those eligible by regulation,
  • Report and discussion of identified opportunities for decision making.
  • Gathering and analysis of technical, administrative and financial information necessary for the claim,
  • Preparation of a detailed description of the imported equipment or the combination of equipment,
  • Preparation of the calculation of the impacts of imports,
  • Filling the form for submitting an Ex-Tarifário claim to SDIC,
  • Monitoring the submission process with the competent body until the final decision, preparing the relevant defences before discussions in the technical/functional scope of the imported element or related to the NCM framework.

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