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Data transfer outside the European Union

As part of its “Analytics” solution in the United States, Google LLC may process personal data. Transfers of such data are governed by the “Privacy Shield” regime, to which Google LLC is a member (see: ).

For FI Group websites, processing inside European Union is carried out in European Union.

What are cookies for?

The use of cookies may facilitate several services on a website.

It can enable:

  • To adapt a website that you visit regularly to your preferences and habits.
  • To personalize content and ads.
  • To provide social media features.
  • To conduct statistical studies on the traffic of a site and the browsing habits of its users.
  • To propose advertisements adapted to its centers of interest, based on an analysis of its history of navigation.
  • For social networks: to monitor the Internet browsing of their subscribers; optimize their services.

The use of cookies involves the collection of certain personal data about the user such as the IP address, and information about the user’s browsing habits and preferences.

For this reason, the user’s consent is required before depositing tracers on device, except for those that are strictly necessary for the operation of a site.

Setting up the browser

Considering the Guidelines from the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), FI Group have decided to give you all the information you need to setting up your browser by yourself. Depending on the browser you are using, you may potentially object to the use of trackers by the website by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser settings. However, you may not be able to benefit from certain features of the Site after all cookies have been disabled.

You have the possibility to install additional modules and plugins on your browser to obtain more information about the presence of trackers and possibly to block them.

To object to the use of trackers, you may select:

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